Four Reminders to Enjoy the Moment

Every week, I have the joy of interviewing a couple and learning their love story. We talk about where and when they met, what they like about each other, and how they stay connected during life’s chaos and challenges.

Recently, I talked to a couple who met in their late seventies. Both had lost their spouses and both were amazed to fall in love again. When I asked how they kept their relationship strong, she answered, “Because of our age, we know we don’t have that much time left to be together. We enjoy every moment of every day.”

Since that conversation, I have thought often about her words: What would it be like to truly appreciate every moment? What would it be like to completely appreciate each person I spent time with?

Being present and appreciative were two of my goals when I spent time with my mom in her later years. One moment, I felt connected, holding Mom’s hand, sitting right next to her while pointing out interesting pictures in a magazine, and the next moment her head would be lowered, her energy drained and I felt alone and sad. But of course, I wasn’t alone; I was right next to my mother, still holding her hand. My task was to enjoy that quiet minutes as much as the time that Mom was interacting with me.

“Enjoy every moment of every day.” These quotes echo that important reminder .



Deborah Shouse is the author of Love in the Land of Dementia: Finding Hope in the Caregiver’s Journey.


  1. Rosemarie Goos on October 14, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Dear Deborah,
    you did our story a while ago. We have always appreciated each other. However, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. It has given us a new perspective and we now live every day, every hour, every cloud in the sun with a new brightness. Life is short and every moment is precious.

    • deborahshousewrites on October 14, 2014 at 12:11 pm

      Dear Rosemarie, I loved writing your story and I am so impressed with your outlook. You’ve written a beautiful reminder to be alive in each moment. Sending healing thoughts and warm wishes to you both. Deborah

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